Different Pics

North Bay, ON

Different Pics

About Us

DIFFERENT PICKS is the name to watch for folks! Band leader, LARRY CARRIERE: Twice AWARD WINNER for best guitar player at the CCB Awards, DON REED: Mr. WORLD-CLASS FIDDLE extraordinaire, GORD GRASSER: our HIGHLY and MULTI-TALENTED banjo player, all playing along to the awesome musical stylings of brothers MIKE and RICK THIBAULT with LARRY CARRIERE... All giving you well over 200 years of musical expertise. WATCH FOR US FOLKS! :)

Contact Information

Larry Carriere - 705-358-1560


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Band Members

Larry Carrier

Mandolin, Lead and Harmony Vocals

Don Reed


Gord Grasser

Banjo, Harmony Vocals

Mike Thibault

Bass, Lead and Harmony Vocals

Rick Thibault

Guitar, Lead and Harmony Vocals