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The Bluegrass Music Association of Canada (BMAC) website is completely free and open to the public. No membership is required to view information on our site.

However, take a look below to review the benefits of creating a membership account with us and select the option that is best for you!

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Associate Membership


Grassroots Membership 1 Yr.

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Associate Membership

Joining BMAC as an Associate Member is completely FREE and allows you to upload information about your band, organization, festival or event. You will also have access to select articles from the BMAC Quarterly Magazine.

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Grassroots Membership

For $25 annually, you can become a Grassroots Member of BMAC. As a Grassroots Member, you have online access to all current and past Quarterly BMAC Magazines. In addition, your band, event and other information will be featured periodically on our home and listing pages. You will also be able to upload and link more band and event details such as flyers, music media and pdf's.

Your Grassroots Membership helps us cover website costs!

Subscription Membership

For $50 annually, you can become a Subscriber Member of BMAC. As a Susbcriber Member, you receive all the benefits of the Grassroots Membership and in addition receive a print copy of the Quarterly BMAC Magazine.

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