BMAC is a proud Partner to the NCRA/ANREC to promote the !earshot Digital Distribution System ("!earshot-Distro") for the benefit of
Bluegrass Radio hosts and Canadian Bluegrass bands in getting their music heard on Canadian Radio stations.

The Logo of the NCRA

What is NCRA?

The NCRA is The National Campus and Community Radio Association.

What does the NCRA do?

The NCRA is a national Association of Community-based non-profit and Campus Radio Stations across Canada, who are responsible for local, community based radio programming, providing outstanding local content to listeners across the country. This matters! News at a local level. Commentary and insight from local leaders, providing much needed awareness of local issues. And MUSIC... When was the last time you heard commercial stations playing folk, jazz, blues, bluegrass and other niche music forms which make up the musical mosaic which defines our nation? The NCRA represents those radio stations which provide the much-needed relevancy which we need to make sense of it all!

The NCRA and !earshot

!earshot can be several things (services) provided by the NCRA to it's members. !earshot is the name of their magazine, which reports on radio charting and many other news items of interest to Radio Station operators and clients.

!earshot-Distro is the Digital Download Service, which is of primary interest to Bluegrass Canada. The historic partnership agreement between NCRA and BMAC gives BMAC an unique new methodology for Canadian Bluegrass artists to submit their work product to the entire Canadian radio network represented by NCRA, at discounted rates! Not only that, but NCRA has established a BLUEGRASS category for radio hosts to search and find yout music projects.

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Earhot Distro