Mission Statement


Dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Bluegrass and Old-time music throughout Canada.

Our Goals

To support individuals, groups and organizations involved in bluegrass and old-time music.

To provide leadership and promote education among fans, bands, bands and artists.

Our specific goals:
1) the establishment of bluegrass categories in the Juno Awards;
2) lobbying with other musical genres for changes in US laws to allow easier access to the US by Canadian musicians;
3) establishing a national bluegrass awards program not in conflict with the two existing regional awards events;
4) sponsoring Canadian Bands to Showcase at IBMA;
5) supporting Canadian bands efforts to perform in other parts of the country;
6) seeking grant funding to achieve these goals.

Bluegrass Jam

Board of Directors

Position Name Telephone Email
President Murray Hale 705-845-8112 Email
Magazine Editor
Mike Kirley 519-653-4975 Email
Rolly Aucoin 905-572-0116 Email
Membership Director
Website Design & Maintenance
Gord DeVries 519-719-2501 Email
Social Media Director Carol Boyer 519-878-6062 Email
Festival Liason
Advertising Manager
Dave Featherstone 705-624-1155 Email
Director Wilson Moore 403-891-3678 Email
Advertising Manager
Arlene Jamieson 613-433-0900 Email
Radio Media Director Dennis Casey 705-457-6880 Email
Director Denis LePage 905-933-0541 Email
Director Eric Holt 403-620-4914 Email

Calendar Administrators

Ontario Calendar Admin Name Telephone Email
Ontario Calendar Admin Rolly Aucoin 905-572-0116 Email
Ontario Calendar Admin Nancy Tellier 519-621-1160 Email

CD Reviewers

Position Name Telephone Email
CD Reviewer Pat Moore 905-572-0116 Email
CD Reviewer Mike Kirley 519-653-4975 Email

Magazine Contributors

Position Name Telephone Email
All Things Banjo Denis LePage 905-933-0541 Email
All Things Mandolin Emory Lester Email
West Coast Bluegrass Linda Thorburn Email
North Ontario Report Gloria Jean Hansen Email
East Coast Bluegrass Nancy Keddy Email