Our Mission

Dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Bluegrass and Old-time music throughout Canada.

Our Goals

To support individuals, groups and organizations involved in bluegrass and old-time music.

To provide leadership and promote education among fans, bands, bands and artists.

A January 2017 Board Meeting added the following specific goals:
1) the establishment of bluegrass categories in the Juno Awards;
2) lobbying with other musical genres for changes in US laws to allow easier access to the US by Canadian musicians;
3) establishing a national bluegrass awards program not in conflict with the two existing regional awards events;
4) sponsoring Canadian Bands to Showcase at IBMA;
5) supporting Canadian bands efforts to play in other parts of the country;
6) seeking grant funding to achieve these goals.


BMAC directors are elected annually at the general annual meeting (AGM). Current directors, elected during the last meeting, held in November during the Central Canadian Bluegrass Awards show in Huntsville, Ontario, are listed in the menu to the left.

Regional Representatives

BMAC Regional Representatives are appointed as needed to represent BMAC concerns across the country. The Representatives are very active in promoting BMAC to interested parties in their regions. They also serve an integral duty in managing the event calendar for their region.