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The Beanblossom Bluegrass Festival


The Mother of all Bluegrass Festivals, which played a large part in the history of the emergence of bluegrass music as an original and historically important music genre. Beanblossom has been recognized as "the oldest continuous running bluegrass festival in the world". It was started in June, 1967 by Bill Monroe, with the support and insistence of promoter Carlton Haney.

Without Promoters, where would we be?

Bluegrass promoters are a breed apart! Not motivated by visions of money rolling in, these folks actually do this job for the sheer love of great bluegrass music. The financial risks are enormous. (What if it's too cold, too hot, too humid, too dry?...or someone else has decided to throw a conflicting event at the same time...... There are literally hundreds of things that can go wrong (and usually do) but our intrepid promoter just keeps on smiling and working through the problems, so that you and I can enjoy a flawless event.

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