Covid-19 Changes:

1: Our April issue of the Bluegrass Canada magazine will be delayed. Current plans are to have it delivered by mid-April.

2: The online magazine will be available as soon as the proofing process has been completed (we are optomistically forecasting April 1.)

3: The online magazine will be available to all all, regardless of membership status, for the foreseeable future.

4: We have not altered the advertisements placed into the magazine. Please be advised that festivals may or may not be presented this year, at their advertised location and times. If you are planning to attend one of these events, please check with the organizers prior to going. If you have purchased advance tickets, check with the organizers, for their policy regarding these ticket purchases.

Changes to Online Membership:

The membership database is in a state of re-design, due to technological advances in the underlying software..

These changes have required us to eliminate the online membership portal which many of you have used in the past, to join or renew, make changes, make renewal payments and so on.

Our re-design will take some time. In the meantime, we will have to resort to primitive methodology, such as email, snail mail and telephone, to accomplish our purpose.

The Membership Director can be reached at 519-271-2350 (Gord DeVries) or at He will be happy to help with any function or problem you're having.

Current Magazine:

Front Cover of Current Magazine

* Kids in Bluegrass *
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Bluegrass Canada Podcast

Bluegrass Canada Podcasts

One full hour of Canadian Bluegrass and
Old-Time Music,
with News, Upcoming Events, and
(sometimes controversial) opinion pieces
brought to you by Sarah Bea and James Kerr through co-operation with
Trent Radio - 92.7 CFFF FM - Trent University.

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Bluegrass Canada Radio Show

Bluegrass Canadaq Radio Shows

One full hour of Canadian Bluegrass Music,
hosted by Mike Kirley.
Airing Sundays at 7:00PM on The Grand 101 FM.

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Long & McQuade Musical Instruments

Long & McQuade Musical Instruments

The Pick Shoppe

The Pick Shoppe - for the Serious Musician

C.F. Martin Guitars

C.F. Marting Guitars

Region 1 (East Coast) Festivals....

St, Louis Bluegrass Festival
PEI Bluegrass Festival
Evangeline Bluegrass Festival

Region 2 (Quebec/Ontario) Festivals....

Eastern Ontario Bluegrass Festival
Galop Canal Bluegrass Festival
Tottenham Bluegrass Festival
River Valley Country & Bluegrass Gathering
Renfrew Bluegrass Festival
Norwood Country Jamboree
River Valley Bluegrass Festival
South Grenville Bluegrass Festival
Burks Falls Country Jamboree
Purple Hill's Bluegrass Opry Reunion
River Valley Country & Bluegrass Wind-up Weekend
Central Canadian Bluegrass Awards

Region 3-5 Western & Northern Canadian Festivals....

Coombs-Hillier Bluegrass Festival
Cowichan Valley Bluegrass Festival
Coombs-Hillier Bluegrass Festival
Blueberrye Bluegrass Festival
Shady Grove Bluegrass Festival