The Canadian Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame


There have been many people across Canada who have made huge contributions to bluegrass music in this country. These individuals have been consistent and active contributors throughout Canada and / or in their respective regions from the Western Provinces, the Territories, the Prairies, Central Canada and Quebec to the Eastern Provinces. We at BMAC feel that official national recognition of these people is long overdue and believe that the Canadian Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame will provide the recognition that is so justly deserved.


In addition, the Hall of Fame is not intended as an awards type of program. Awards programs, presentations and voting are covered very well in several regions of Canada and we feel that there is no need to duplicate those excellent programs.


Here is some information about
The Canadian Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame
and how you can get involved.

Mission Statement

The Canadian Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame has been created to recognize individuals or groups of people who have made a significant contribution to the furtherance of bluegrass music in Canada.

Criteria of Admittance

Individuals or groups with a Canadian birthright or long term residency in Canada who have made a significant impact on bluegrass music in Canada by way of radio, television, as a musician, author, writer, band, promoter, teacher, pioneer or in another capacity. Nominations are open to both living nominees as well as to those who have passed on.

Nomination Procedure

Nominations can be made anytime throughout the year. However only those nominations that are received before April 30 will be considered for that year's Hall of Fame selection. All nominations that had not been previously inducted will be included in the following three years' considerations.

Nominations can be made by anyone interested in bluegrass or oldtime music in Canada. Nominations can be made online (for BMAC members) or by mailing or emailing one of the forms below or just by sending in the information. There is no limit to the number of nominations that anyone can submit.

Each nomination must include:

  • The name, email and phone number of the person (you, the Sponsor) making the nomination
  • The names and the relationship to bluegrass music in Canada of 2 co-sponsors
  • The name and region (Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, Prairies, Pacific, North/Other) of the nominee.
  • A summary of no more than 500 words of why the nominee should be considered.
  • Optional - include a profile photo and up to 3 other photos of the nominee.

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MS Word Nomination Form PDF Nomination Form Online Nomination


Nomination submissions can be emailed or mailed to :

Bluegrass Canada Hall of Fame,
13043 Lakeshore Rd.
Wainfleet ON Canada L0S 1V0

Induction Process:

The Nomination Committee will review all the nominations and select up to twelve of those nominations that have met the criteria (2 from each region). Those twelve will then be forwarded to the Selection Committee. The Selection Committee will then select up to 6 out of those 12 nominations for induction into the Hall of Fame for that year. The induction process will be completed by August 1 each year.

Awards Presentation

Each year, inductees will be notified either directly or through a local person, affiliated club or association by August 15. Hall of Fame plaque presentations will be arranged with the local affilitate. Inductees will also be included on the Hall of Fame page with photos, a biography of achievements and contributions and links to any information about the inductee that is currently available on the internet.

Email us if you think you would like to be more involved with the BMAC Hall of Fame or BMAC in general.