BMAC MemberNomad Jones
Namaimo, BC

The Band

Nomad Jones

Band Members

Name Role
Nico Humby bass and vocals
Miles Zurawell dobro, banjo and vocals
Byron Myhre fiddle
Craig Korth guitar, banjo and vocals
Bill Humby guitar and vocals


Nomad Jones is a hot and happening Western Canadian bluegrass outfit equally comfortable ripping on rollicking classics or serenading on sultry love songs. Drawing from a wide ranging repertoire from the traditional bluegrass thru old country to originals, Nomad Jones will entertain you with their blood harmonies, amusing anecdotes and intriguing instrumentals. Over the past two years, Nomad Jones has become a fan­favourite at festivals throughout Western Canada. Their first album entitled “Pickin’ Up & Puttin’ Down” was released in August 2018.

Contact Info

Bill Humby - 780-904-8903
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Craig Korth - 250-551-3217
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The Music

Performance Video(s)

Down Along the Dixie Line

Undress the World

Let Me Fall and Back to the Barrooms