Photo of David Porter

David Porter

In his twenties Dave played guitar in Mike O'Reilly's first bluegrass band, yes, before CODY. When the band split up for no particular reason and Dave lost his D-18 in an accident, there was no money for a new guitar with a young family and a mortgage. With no guitar, no band, a family to raise and later on, a business to build, he lost contact with the bluegrass community.

Then, in 2006, spurred on by his musical son, Mark, a sound engineer for a U.S. video game company, he acquired a new Martin and began relearning his long lost skills practically from scratch. He is now rehearsing witha new band called "Grass Under Fire". They've only been out of the stable twice so far.

In his work-week life Dave is an Accountant who is part owner and financial manager of a retirement home. He is married to Nancy and, in addition to Mark, he has a daughter, Sarah, a son-in-law and two grandchildren.

He is a board member in the Ottawa Valley Bluegrass Music Association and Editor of both its weekly email calendar and its monthly newsletter, 'Grass Clippings.

Contact Dave at (613) 721-0535 or Click here to send an Email