The changing face of BMAC's magazine

In March 2007, BMACC (The Bluegrass Music Association of Central Canada) was born. The original intent was to fulfil our mandate in Ontario and Quebec. The Magazine was referred to as a newsletter, to be named the "BMACC Notes".

In November 2010, it was decided to make BMACC an national organization, so the "C"entral was drpped from the name, making us BMAC, the Bluegrass Music Association of Canada.

BMACC Notes continued to be published until Volume 5 Issue 2 (Spring. 2011). At that time we decided that
a) The "newsletter" had grown far beyond it's humble beginnings and now had more of the appearance and attributes ogf a true magazine, so we decided to call it what it is: a magazine.

b) The magazine was to be renamed "Bluegrass Canada". One interim issue was produced before that change was finally implemented, so the Volume 5 Issue 3 (summer) was simply named BMAC.

Re-branding of the magazine also included simultaneous changes at the website, which was changed to and then, finally in 2014, to